Coming Soon – a leap forward in software project certainty

Coming Soon – a leap forward in software project certainty

Albion Technology is busy preparing an exciting new development for software developers, software project managers, software product owners and CIOs.  After months of designing and testing, ScopeMaster will be launched for a restricted alpha program on the 15th December 2017.

ScopeMaster (as the name suggests) is a tool that will help tame software development scope.  It will offer two main capabilities in a single one-step process:

  1. Using custom language analysis on your written software requirements, ScopeMaster will propose a set of suggestions for improvements .
  2. Simultaneously (where possible) it will generate an estimate of functional size using the Cosmic Function Point sizing method.

Why does this matter?

  1. Circa 20% of all software defects are found in requirements.  When you go on to build software against incomplete or poor requirements, bad things happen: delays, increased costs and a frustrated team.  Economically the value of early defect detection is very significant.   “Anything that can find defects or propose improvements in requirements early, will be like gold.”
  2. Functional size is the single most significant factor in software development cost and schedule.  Unlike user stories, a functional size measure can be used to derive other metrics, such as expected duration, effort, quality – defect potential, number of tests needed and many others.

With help from ScopeMaster you will see shorter schedules, better quality, lower costs and a happier team.  10 tips to for writing better user stories